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  • Unit Load Device Control
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  • Warehousing/Inventory Management
  • COMAT Handling

Other Services

  • Related ground handling services
  • Airport automation
  • Special projects/requirements




Our Warehouse


Export Cargo Acceptance & Documentation Room

Export Cargo Facilities

X-Ray MachinePancake Weighing Scale (3Tons)

Documentation RoomPancake Weighing Scale (12 Tons)

GALCO Access Road to Airport Ramp

Our Export Cargo X-Ray Machine

  • Universal X-ray system for palletized items
  • Excellent image presentation (option X-ray geometry)
  • Outstanding image quality with new HiTraX electronics
  • New HI-MATPlus technology for advanced material distinction
  • Typical penetration:30 mm of steel
  • OTS Operator Training System available as option

The HI-SCAN 145180 has been specially designed to meet the needs and applications of warehouses, carriers, forwarders and couriers for airports (palletized Lower Deck Cargo).

The HI-SCAN 145180 is a low energy(140kV) X-ray inspection system with tunnel dimensions of 1450mm (57”) width and 1800mm (71”) height. It is especially suitable for the inspection of air cargo transported on standard Euro, British or US pallets.

With an installation base of more than 16,000 X-ray security units distributed throughout 150 countries in all continents and a world wide customer service network, the Heimann Systems Group is the unequalled world leader in supplying X-ray security systems.

Service Enhancement

Cargos From Galco warehouse delivered right to the doorsteps of its Clients at Mactan Economic Zone

Cargos are offloaded with Clients Representatives on hand to receive cargos.

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