About Us


GALCO is the long-awaited answer to dreams of excellent quality services in cargo handling industry at par with international standards.

GALCO is a warehousing concessionaire at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Cargo complex, near the Bureau of Customs (BOC) building. The facility has a total area of 3,302 sqm. with an adequate warehouse space and handling equipment for import and export cargos. Ideally located within the Airport Terminal complex, GALCO, recently in alliance with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Mactan Export Processing Zone Chamber of Exporters and Manufacturers (MEPZCEM) and Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) opened a direct access road adjacent to the warehouse to make going thru and out of the airport ramp and MEPZ 1 more convenient. An access road was built exclusively by GALCO leading directly to airport ramp side to ensure fast delivery of incoming/outgoing cargos from planeside to warehouse and vise versa. It also translate to a well secured and safety of cargos without the need to pass thru public road.

Having been granted to operate the second Customs Public Bonded Warehouse in Cebu, GALCO is headed by a firm management, under the notable leadership of Ms. Jennifer M.E. Bote, CEO along with top businessmen & seasoned managers in port operation, warehouse distribution & management.

GALCO aims to evolve into an integrated cargo handling and servicing company. Its primary goal is to become a catalyst for better, efficient, economical, and safe operations, ultimately translating to ground time reliability, faster cargo release to consignees & brokers, and overall customer satisfaction using modern technology.

GALCO invites you to make it your gateway toward global competitiveness.

Corporate Vision

To be the dominant cargo handling company in Cebu within the next two (2) years, offering total, integrated services in cargo handling industry.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred Operator of a Custom Public Bonded Warehouse at Mactan-Cebu International Airport by providing safe and customer-friendly services in accordance with international standards at the highest degree of efficiency.


  • To provide the highest quality of service and support at the most reasonable & competitive rates.
  • To provide a One-Stop-Shop and integrated array of services.
  • To ensure the safety and security of every operational activity and/or service at all times.
  • To achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency in service of Total Client Satisfaction (TCS) through compliance with customer airlines’ performance standards.
  • To maintain harmonious and professional relationships with all clients/customers governing agencies such as BOC (Bureau of Customs), MCIAA (Mactan International Airport Authority) and others at all times ensuring immediate action on customer concerns and/or complaints.
  • To provide cost-efficient and reliable ground handling equipment in support of airline and warehousing operations.
  • To live up to the expectation of our shareholders, clients and employees.

What Customers Want and Expect

  • Specialized service
  • Safe and customer-friendly services
  • Reliable and dependable partner
  • Cargo released within prescribed standards of the partner airline 100% of the time
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • No cargo irregularities
  • Professional staff
  • Competitive reasonable rates

What GALCO Commits and Why Customers Should Choose GALCO

  • Zero incidence of safety lapses/infractions
  • Customer-friendly and worry-free services
  • Cargo released within standard time prescribed by customer
  • Zero incidence of customer complaint
  • Zero incidence of cargo irregularity
  • Professional, highly-trained and dedicated staff
  • Value-plus rates
  • Service guarantees
  • Highest degree of integrity amongst staff


  • Professional and personalized services (customized to customer’s needs and requirements).
  • Highly-trained with extensive airline, brokerage, customs administration and/or related services.
  • Committed and cohesive group of career professional.
  • Team-centered and dedicated corps of human resources.



(President & CEO)

A well rounded business manager, Certified Public Accountant by profession with master’s degree in business management, a law graduate has attended various training and seminars such as maritime, aviation and land transport operation including warehousing and port terminal operation.

Affiliations/con-current position:


  • ATOM DEVELOPMENT CORP. (Land development and equipment leasing)
  • ATOM-FTM JV CORP. (Parking management and operation)
  • BANCO RURAL de GEN. TINIO (Rural Banking)
  • ICTSI Employees Multi Purpose Coop (Lending cooperative)
  • SOS INTERNATIONAL TRADING (Import, export and systems development)

Executive Vice Pres./Chief Operating Officer

  • Philippine Skylanders Inc. (Customs Bonded Warehouse)
  • Ground-Air Freight Forwarding Corporation. (Freight Forwarding and Brokerage)

General Manager

  • UEM-MARA PHILS. CORP. (Manila Cavite toll expressway project)

Executive Officers

EMERSON S. BONOAN JR. (Managing Director)

  • 35 years experience in Airline Operations, Ground Handling Industry and Cargo Warehouse
  • Systems and Procedures analysis/enhancement
  • Service Quality Improvement
  • Ability to turn around losing companies
  • Ability to set up new businesses and make these profitable
  • Former University of the Philippines Senior Lecturer III (Landed in the Top 10 Professors of UP in the 1996 Survey)
  • Chairman of the Manila Airline Operators’ Council 2002-2003


ARVIN G. ORTEGA (General Manager)

With extensive knowledge in customs brokerage, warehousing and freight forwarding.

Maruella B. Pilongo (Admin Manager)

Michael Robles (Operations Manager)

Executive Brief

Changing times in the warehousing industry propels serious decision among industry players around the globe.

The formation of alliances, mergers, consolidation, acquisition, is an earnest reaction to the continuously growing demand for warehousing services. “CARGO WAREHOUSING”, a highly demanded service in the airline industry, has evolved into a sophisticated cargo handling activity, comprehensively expanding its scope-encompassing total “cargo handling” services.

On November of 1998, GROUND AIR LOGISTICS CORPORATION (GALCO) was born to keep up with the challenges of time. For its initial operation as a holding and managing company, GALCO established a ground handling service provider for airlines calling at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. However, significant events in the warehousing industry led GALCO toward expansion.

On January 28, 2003, GALCO opened its Customs Public Bonded Warehouse (#82) in Mactan-Cebu, Cargo Complex, Mactan-Cebu International Airport. GALCO is equipped with a complete line of cargo services at value-plus rates to provide the best service to its clients in the cargo industry.

Welcome to GALCO Company!

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