Convert an Android App to iOS & in Reverse: Easy 4-Step Guide

Lock screen, launcher, and even ROM can be customized in Android, whereas iOS doesn’t allow these customizations. When you plan to turn your iOS app to Android, you also need to remember the fact that Android offers a far greater degree of customization. For e.g., iOS allows only Safari as the mobile Internet browser, Android lets users use 3rd-party browsers. As such, many companies launch smartphones that use the Android operating system. Overall, Android commands a significantly higher market share. Page designs in an iOS application may look poor, and you will have to spend extra time fixing them.

They have certain advantages and disadvantages and mainly depend on your budget. But, Android has several significant advantages, which provide more convenient access to the application. how to convert android app to ios Also, it is crucial to take into account the communication time and team meetings. These aspects are necessary to convert your Android app to iOS or the other way round in a proper way.

How to Develop Android App With Python – Best Tool and IDEs Recommendation

Please remove some of the files, preferrably leaving ones with the same or similar source formats. If you want to use Android app on iOS but just do not know how to do it, you’re recommended to read the article to learn how to convert Android app to iOS. There is a good chunk of people who attempt copying the whole interface from one app version to the other, instead of making the necessary changes. In doing so, they end up with an app that looks strange and is awkward to navigate through. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between Android and iOS to understand the real scenario of carrying this conversion out. It is worth considering that the Android system uses ByteCode – the instruction set of the Java virtual machine or JVM, whereas iOS implements the compiled code.

  • The PM should identify gaps due to missing information.
  • For instance, NFC module from Android will only be possible to integrate with iOS 11.0.
  • In this section, we’ll talk about the main differences in various development aspects and how to handle them so that the porting would be as smooth as possible.
  • So, it might look similar but the back-end of functionality and navigational patterns wouldn’t be identical for the most part.
  • On the other hand, both iOS and Android platforms are capable of working in C code, which one can port in certain scenarios.
  • Hire expert developers for your next project Trusted by Get started NowWhile Android uses bottom navigation, iOS uses tab bars.
  • Many start-ups and enterprises might choose the cross-platform development approach to reduce costs.

An APK-to-IPA file converter can be viable in that case. This means that some apps will come to iOS devices first and Android phones later, while others may end up staying exclusive to iOS. Your team should read the J2ObjC guides and tips thoroughly before starting. Depending on the complexity of your app, this approach could cost you more but is more likely to yield better results.

Navigation differences

Sure there are some blueprints left from the previous project but you have to build it from scratch anyway and comply with local laws. It’s impossible to ignore so many potential clients if the product is targeted on above-mentioned regions. Not talking about regions where iOS has 20-40% market share which is still a large number in a user equivalent.

how to convert apk to ios

Therefore, any professional software developer understands this and optimizes functionalities on a new platform. Swift and Objective-C are programming languages for Apple products. Besides that, Kotlin and Java are two programming languages that are used in Android development. Yes, but for that, you’ll need to be an iOS developer that knows Objective-C/Swift and can build the app from scratch. If you use any app converters, you can only get unstable code with tons of performance issues. For many businesses, one of the major reasons to convert iOS to Android might be the popularity of the latter platform.

Reasons to choose Android

And only then, Instagram`s team decided to convert the iOS app to Android platform. Make sure that you leave both devices alone until the transfer finishes. For example, on your Android device, the Move to iOS app should stay onscreen the whole time. If you use another app or get a phone call on your Android before the transfer finishes, your content won’t transfer. Files with apk file extension might also be found as projects from Active Tutor authoring tool by 4C Soft.

how to convert apk to ios

This approach greatly saves time and money in development since you don’t need to create two separate apps. For example, Facebook uses React Native that helps to build apps for Android and iOS simultaneously. Once the designs are ready, it’s time to start writing the source code.

IOS File Type

Similarly, native iPhone apps optimally utilize the strengths of the iOS platform. Subsequently, later on, you might convert it into the other platform. You need to publish the Android app to “Google Play”. Now you take the next step to turn your iOS app into an Android app.

The number of developers plays a factor in the price. It’s enough to have just one experienced specialist for a quality realization. But the more team members involved, the faster the project will be implemented. The developer’s hourly rate also affects the total price. In order to get the exact sum of porting, you must discuss with the development team the project specification and design. Once the development is over, the application must be well tested.

Business Model

For some, none of the above matters and they simply prefer the layout or styling of iOS or Android. As we mentioned earlier, Android is the operating system for basically every smartphone that isn’t manufactured by Apple. This means you have a much greater variety of choice when you’re choosing your handset. If you want to use iOS, you have a handful of very similar iPhones to choose from, like the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE. But if you choose Android, you can pick up a handset from Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Google, and many more different manufacturers. They’re not all style and no substance though – iPhones are solidly built , the operating system is super minimal, making it easy to use, and everything just works.

how to convert apk to ios

You get management support from hybrid software development companies. If a developer leaves the project mid-way, you get replacements from these companies. Trustworthy companies like DevTeam.Space also have the requisite Android-to-iOS conversion experience. Now you know why an automated tool to convert APK files can’t help much. You need to look beyond just converting Android APK files to iOS IPA files. Undertake a custom software development project to convert an Android app to an iOS app.

Steps to convert an iOS app into an Android app

Decide whether you’ll make an iOS app for a simulation model or a real device. Decide if you will use a real device or a simulator with your generated iOS app. Testing is the answer to the question of how to port iOS app to Android and not to fail. There are too many possible bugs and error to ignore this phase. An adequate porting of media assets from one platform to another is important as they have different sizes on Android and iOS.

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